Horoscope: Thursday, Nov 30

Daily Horoscope: Thursday, Nov 30.


Mar, 21 - Apr, 19

Be honest about how you feel this week. Don’t give friends and family members the impression that everything is fine because if you do they will most likely carry on doing the things that upset you. Speak up and speak strong and plain.

If others go out of their way to pick holes in your arguments today just ignore them. Having said that, it could be there is something you have overlooked and at least one kind person will try to warn you, so don’t be too eager to be rude.


Apr, 20 - May, 20

You will be in the spotlight over the next few days whether you like it or not. But it is not just about being loved and adored, it is also about showing that your ideas and your way of looking at the world are worth following – and they are.

You may not be as open about your feelings as some people are but that does not mean you don’t have them. If you keep your emotions bottled up inside you this weekend there is a danger you might explode. Find safe ways to let off steam.


May, 21 - Jun, 20

The quality you most need now is patience. When the Sun moves into your sign at the start of next week a new phase will begin and you can make all those changes you have been dreaming of. Until them, stay calm. Your time will come.

What happens as the new week begins may seem like a random event but the planets suggest it is part of the theme that has been playing itself out in your life for several months. Follow the clues and find out what’s really going on.


Jun, 21 - Jul, 22

Nothing stays the same forever and it may be time to move on to pastures new. However, if you decide to stay where you are the planets are adamant that you will have to make a commitment. You can’t keep chopping and changing Cancer.

If you can bring what you are working on to a conclusion before the end of the week it is sure to be a massive success, so make an extra effort while the universe is on your side and break through whatever barrier has been holding you back.


Jul, 23 - Aug, 22

Aspects of your life that you've neglected lately might haunt you on a day like today, Leo. Make sure you're keeping up with all your responsibilities. Things may come to a dramatic climax at this time, and you could find yourself at an important crossroads. Nervous energy could cause you to run around frantically in search of the right path. Don't let indecision keep you from getting where you need to go.


Aug, 23 - Sep, 22

Yes, Virgo, this is a good moment to abandon old beliefs and moral values. Your view of life has changed and, above all, you're more aware of how your outdated, preconceived ideas sometimes poison your life. The past no longer concerns you. It's time for you to make a clean break from the beliefs that are holding you back. You might shock your family, but they'll get over it.


Sep, 23 - Oct, 22

You must not allow other people to dictate to you in any way, shape or form, today, not even if you and they believe it is for your own good. Once they find they can tell you what to do you will find it hard to break free again.

You can and you must take a more structured approach to what you are doing. Jupiter in your sign gives you all the confidence you need but confidence without a workable plan is easily wasted. That’s where Saturn comes in. Think deeply, then act.


Oct, 23 - Nov, 21

A new moon in your sign, coupled with the benign influences of Venus and Jupiter, makes this one of the most hopeful and helpful weekends of the year. What is your highest ideal? Pursue it with both head and heart over the next 48 hours.

Don’t be too tough on yourself Scorpio – not even someone as clever as you can get it right every time. There is no point dwelling on your failures and no need to when the planets indicate there are plenty of successes coming your way.


Nov, 22 - Dec, 21

Good news is coming your way but you may miss it if you continue to focus on minor issues that are of no real importance. Money and work problems may seem daunting but in the greater scheme of things they are hardly relevant at all.

The safest course of action today is to believe that what you are being told is only half the story. Someone is trying to confuse you by making a big issue of one thing while ignoring a more important topic. Don’t let them get away with it.


Dec, 22 - Jan, 19

Perfection is an ideal that no one ever reaches and the sooner you accept that fact the happier you will be. So something you attempted did not work out well. So what? The important thing is that you tried – and, of course, you can always try again.

You will get the chance to make a difference this weekend and you won’t let the opportunity go begging. You are the kind of individual who not only sees what needs to be done but has the drive to make it happen. Put right a few wrongs.


Jan, 20 - Feb, 18

You may be focused on a certain trajectory, Aquarius, but today you could run into complications based on overlooked issues. Be aware of the people around you and how your actions affect them. You don't necessarily need to change your direction, but you might need to make a couple modifications along the way in order to keep everyone happy.


Feb, 19 - Mar, 20

Have you ever thought of yourself as a CEO or any other kind of leader, Pisces? Today is a great day to begin a project involving other people - with you in charge! The strong, assertive side of your personality will come out in your decision making and charisma. Go for it! After all, this is the first day of the rest of your life.