Horoscope: Thursday, Feb 22

Daily Horoscope: Thursday, Feb 22.


Mar, 21 - Apr, 19

The Sun in Leo over the past few weeks has done wonders for your confidence (not that it needed much of a boost) but now you must slow things down a bit and pay more attention to the specifics of what you are working on. Details matter.

You may feel as if you have a mountain to climb but don’t doubt for a moment that you can manage it. You’re an Aries, you’re special and, more importantly, you have other special people on your side. Aim for the summit today.


Apr, 20 - May, 20

There's a great day ahead of you, Taurus. You'll be blessed with the ability to solve problems, and others will come looking for you today. You'll listen, understand, and express empathy. You'll be wise enough to find solutions to any issues they present to you. After a day like this, you might ask yourself if you shouldn't work as a therapist.


May, 21 - Jun, 20

Your sixth sense tells you that a friend is up to something and that there is some gossip to be uncovered. Be that as it may you are advised to tread carefully because they know things about you as well. Would you be happy if they were made public?

Your head should be quite clear today, Gemini, and your witty comments will be met with appreciation and laughter. Your smile will delight everyone you encounter. Don't be afraid to let your feelings out to those who need to hear them. Focus your energy on the ones you love. Your heart is warm and generous, so share it with other people today.


Jun, 21 - Jul, 22

Your mind may be full of good ideas but how many of them are going to be useful to you? Your mistake in recent weeks has been to spend too much time making detailed plans and not enough time actually doing the work. That must now change.

Your life will change for the better over the coming week, not in one big way but in a number of small ways that add up to something worth having. Keep your eyes and ears open and, most importantly, listen to what your heart tells you.


Jul, 23 - Aug, 22

It’s quite likely that something will get to you today and make you retreat into your shell. Don’t sulk too long though because not only do you have important things to do but someone wants to reward you for recent efforts. Don’t push them away.


Aug, 23 - Sep, 22

The most important thing this weekend is that you are selective about who you choose to spend your time with. Some people are a lot of fun but they also waste your time on trivial matters and you simply cannot afford that. Time is money.

Life is not a zero sum game: other people don’t have to lose so you can win. Your task today is to find creative ways to further your own material ambitions while helping others get what they need as well. Co-operation is essential.


Sep, 23 - Oct, 22

Practicality and planning will work well for you today, Libra. It's a good time to take a long look at your financial situation. Are you where you want to be? Have you got plans in place for down the road? Do you have sufficient cash flow? Think about what you'd like to improve and make some plans. You can include talking with a financial planner or trusted banker to create more options for yourself.


Oct, 23 - Nov, 21

Saturn in the money area of your chart means you must not be wasteful with your resources. Yes, you may now be able to afford all those nice, shiny things in the shop window but do you actually need them? No you do not!

Some issues in your life are getting a bit out of hand but you are tough enough to take it and smart enough to resolve them. Anyone who gets in your way over the next 24 hours risks feeling the rough edge of your tongue. You don’t suffer fools.


Nov, 22 - Dec, 21

You will likely find it difficult to keep your mind on serious matters with today's playful planetary energies, Sagittarius. You're in the mood for romance, and you want to make sure everything is in place for a flawless evening out with that special someone. You have the sexy outfit and dinner reservations, and that's just for starters. No wonder you can't concentrate, with such an amazing evening to look forward to.


Dec, 22 - Jan, 19

The current cosmic picture is good for money matters and business issues, and if you apply yourself thoroughly today there is every chance that you will enhance your status and wealth. Don’t settle for less than you know you are worth – ever.

Put your chores to one side for a while and have some fun. The more you get out and meet people who know how to smile the more likely it is you will soon be feeling better about yourself – not that you should be feeling bad at all!


Jan, 20 - Feb, 18

You have faced no end of challenges in recent weeks but the biggest is yet to come. Cosmic activity in the career area of your chart will bring you face-to-face with someone who challenges who you are and what you do. It’s a battle you must win.


Feb, 19 - Mar, 20

Cosmic activity in your birth sign endows you with amazing self-confidence but the downside is you might start thinking you cannot fail, and that’s any invitation to disaster. Yes, you are on the way up but that does not mean you are infallible.

Sometimes wishes really do come true and with so much wonderful cosmic activity in and around your fellow Water sign of Scorpio there is every chance that what you ask for in your prayers will soon be yours in the real world. So ask away!