Horoscope: Wednesday, Feb 20

Daily Horoscope: Wednesday, Feb 20.


Mar, 21 - Apr, 19

This is one of those occasions when you can afford to sit back and let others guide you. Cosmic activity in and around the friendship area of your chart means you have nothing to fear from relatives and colleagues. They want only what is best for you.


Apr, 20 - May, 20

You seem to have a much more positive outlook on life now and that’s good. You also realize that a relationship dispute of some sort is just one of those things, so put it out of your mind once and for all and get back together again.

You may be entitled to get angry with someone who has let you down but before you do ask yourself if it will make the situation better or worse. It may well be the case that, on this occasion, it is more sensible to forgive and forget.


May, 21 - Jun, 20

Today is a fantastic day, Gemini, so make the most of it. If you're emotionally and mentally prepared to go on a new, exciting life journey, the opportunity will present itself. The energy will be fast and furious. You can work harmoniously with electrical gadgets and new technologies. Break free of the mundane and seek less conventional ways of living.


Jun, 21 - Jul, 22

A chaotic start to the new week is more likely than not, so take an hour or two out of your busy schedule today to calm your mind and prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. Most importantly of all, get a good night’s sleep.

It’s okay to put your own interests first Cancer. You have spent too much time thinking about what is best for others in recent weeks and not enough time thinking about what is best for you. Please yourself, and you’ll please others too.


Jul, 23 - Aug, 22

You may have been engaged in a battle with the facts lately, Leo. Perhaps new information has forced you to take a step back as you contemplate the next move in your game plan. Research time is over and now you need to get back into the game with full force. When it comes to delicate issues regarding other people's property, you should make sure to be respectful at all times.


Aug, 23 - Sep, 22

No matter how annoying certain people may be today you must not let them get under your skin. Focus on a creative activity that you enjoy and switch off to their noise and negativity. They’re really not worth getting worked up about.

People in positions of authority will look on you favorably over the next few days and there could even be a promotion coming your way. Make sure you know what will be expected of you before you accept it though. You don’t want any nasty surprises!


Sep, 23 - Oct, 22

Like it or not you will have to deal with an emotional issue that you have been doing your best to avoid. Deep down you may be worried about what could happen but if you confront your fears you will soon realize there is nothing to them.

You may not enjoy what occurs over the next 48 hours but at least you will know what you are up against and what needs to be done to turn a difficult situation around. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start bending the world to your will.


Oct, 23 - Nov, 21

The Sun enters your birth sign tomorrow and almost immediately you will want to start something new, something you can use to prove yourself. That, though, would be a mistake. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, least of all your critics.

Mars, planet of energy and ambition, moves into your sign today, where it will remain until late January. Use its influence to push yourself harder in every area of your existence. You are capable of more, much more, so get up and get at ’em!


Nov, 22 - Dec, 21

Be realistic and focus only on the here and now. What happened yesterday cannot be changed and is therefore no longer of any importance. And what happens tomorrow depends almost entirely on what you choose to do today. Make sure you choose well.

Chances are you have been laboring under a lot of restrictions in recent weeks but the planets indicate they will be lifted either today or over the weekend. Celebrate by all means but don’t overdo it. Always keep your eye on the ultimate prize.


Dec, 22 - Jan, 19

Be careful what you say over the next 24 hours, especially if you are one of those Capricorns who believes in telling the truth no matter what the consequences might be. This is one of those occasions when it might be best to say nothing.

You may be tempted to dabble in something that promises big rewards for a small investment but the planets warn you are either kidding yourself or being conned by someone else. Whichever it is keep your money in your pocket where it is safe.


Jan, 20 - Feb, 18

It may seem as if you are not getting the opportunities you deserve but don’t worry. There are things going on behind the scenes that will enable you to showcase your creative side around the time of next week’s new moon. Be patient.

It has begun to dawn on you that someone you thought you could trust does not have your interests at heart after all. If you want to find out why that is you must stand back from your relationship – way, way back so you can see the whole picture.


Feb, 19 - Mar, 20

Don’t waste your time trying to convince people who don’t share your values that you are right and they are wrong. The best you can do, today and any other day, is to agree to disagree and steer clear of topics that are likely to be contentious.