Horoscope: Thursday, Apr 18

Daily Horoscope: Thursday, Apr 18.


Mar, 21 - Apr, 19

The effect from the planetary aspects will bring an end to any lethargy you've been feeling, Aries. It's an excellent day to get up and head into the open to do something active. Walking, running, or going on a hike can make great use of both your energy and creativity. Fresh air and physical exertion will lend much to your health as well, so make the most of this. Even if you have to work today, you can always enjoy the evening.


Apr, 20 - May, 20

You could get lucky and see or hear something that could make you a lot of money today. Keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you are fully aware of what is taking place around you. What other people know could make you rich!

You might feel more energetic than you have in a long time, Taurus. A powerful energy that increases your mental acuity and physical strength can really help you finish anything that's pending. If you managed to accomplish so much already that you have time to spare, it's fine to help others with their load. Be sure to put yours first, though.


May, 21 - Jun, 20

Don’t say too much over the next few days, not while there is a lunar eclipse in the communications sector of your chart. You may know what you mean but others will be confused, which in turn will make them angry. Silence is golden.

If you need to win a friend or colleague over to your way of thinking this is the ideal time to make your pitch. Explain to them why you think a certain way and how it would benefit them to think that way too. Assuming it’s true, of course.


Jun, 21 - Jul, 22

Too much is on your mind right now, Cancer, and so you could have trouble sleeping. When you do manage to drop off, you could experience bizarre dreams. This is the only downside to your present situation, however. Everything else should be going very well. It might help to take a walk at night before you go to bed. This clears your head, gets the endorphins going, and works off excess energy.


Jul, 23 - Aug, 22

As the Sun moves into the career area of your chart over the next few days you will be even more assertive than you usually are, so watch out world! Let employers and other important people see what you are capable of – just about anything.

If you are not yet getting the rewards and the respect you deserve don’t worry, in a matter of days your name will be on everybody’s lips. The Sun in Aries makes you both creative and adventurous, so do something out of the ordinary.


Aug, 23 - Sep, 22

Your devotion to duty has not gone unnoticed and someone in a position of authority will reward you between now and the weekend. More importantly they will start to think of you as an equal rather than someone who has to be constantly directed.

There are so many distractions in your life and so many trivial things going on in the world. Your task today is to block it all out of your conscious mind and focus on your number one aim. What matters to you is the only thing that matters.


Sep, 23 - Oct, 22

Do you tell the truth and risk hurting a loved one’s feelings or do you lie and hope they never find out? Only you can decide but if past experience is anything to go by honesty is the best policy. The truth always comes out in the end.

An inner voice is warning you to slow down, Libra. It's probably best if you take a break and let someone else take the lead. Concentrate on matters at home and take care of issues that crop up among loved ones. It's quite possible that an argument is brewing. Whether you realize it or not, there are serious issues that need to be addressed.


Oct, 23 - Nov, 21

If your everyday affairs are not yet in order then you had better do something about it quickly because you won’t have time to worry about details over the next few weeks. Tie up any and all loose ends over the next 24 hours.


Nov, 22 - Dec, 21

Anything you attempt to do today is likely to turn out really well, Sagittarius. You have an ambitious nature, so by all means take advantage of these auspicious conditions to pursue your career-related goals. You will find that you have strong focus and a clear understanding of what needs to be done in order to get ahead. Go ahead and get started. There is absolutely nothing holding you back.


Dec, 22 - Jan, 19

You will find it hard to feel sorry for people who have brought their difficulties upon themselves. Having said which, if someone approaches you for assistance you have a duty to support them if you can. Do something that helps them in practical ways.


Jan, 20 - Feb, 18

Cosmic activity in and around the career area of your chart means you may have to fight a few battles this week but they will be worth it. You need to let others know that you are not going to be an easy touch, not now, not ever.

A money problem will work itself out over the next few days, so stop worrying yourself sick about it. You should know by now that every challenge brings with it a potential solution, so stay alert and be ready to act the moment you see it.


Feb, 19 - Mar, 20

You don’t have to do everything the hard way but you probably will. You seem to believe that the only way you will earn other people’s respect is by being the best at everything. There is of course a better way: just be yourself!

This is the type of day you enjoy. The climate is positive and the energy is flowing. It's as though you have a magic wand. You give it a wave and - presto - the day's tasks and chores are done! By this evening, you've scarcely tapped your energy levels. Your family will be very happy to spend some quality time with you.