Horoscope: Sunday, Jan 29

Daily Horoscope: Sunday, Jan 29.


Mar, 21 - Apr, 19

This is your day to shine in all your glory, Aries. There's no need to hold anything back. You'll find that you have a great deal of love to share. Your heart is likely to go to extremes today in order to prove its love, passion, and affection. Make sure that this energy that's so true to your core is appreciated and reciprocated by the people with whom you share it.


Apr, 20 - May, 20

There will be a lot of movement in your life as the new week begins and it won’t be long before your head starts spinning. That’s a figure of speech, of course, but it may at times feel as if the world is going round too fast. Hold tight!


May, 21 - Jun, 20

The restrictions that have held you back for so long have now all but disappeared, so stop wasting time and energy on things that don’t really matter and focus on what is most likely to change your world for the better. Be brilliant Gemini!

You don’t need to feel guilty about all the fun you have been having of late – in fact you should revel in it. Others can try to bend your ear with tales of woe if they so wish but you don’t have to take any of it seriously.


Jun, 21 - Jul, 22

Though current business and money matters could well encounter obstacles, at this time you may find yourself reaping the rewards of past efforts. Your naturally persevering nature practically assures more success in the future, Cancer, even though you might be blocked now. New insights as to how to continue to progress could come your way today. It might be a good idea to write them down so you'll be assured of having them at your fingertips later.


Jul, 23 - Aug, 22

This is not the time to start slowing down – in fact if anything you should be speeding up both mentally and physically. Today’s Sun-Uranus link will inspire you to think in new and exciting ways. Shock and amaze with everything you say and do.

You are not the sort to back down in a fight but the planets warn that might be the best course of action today. If you come on too strong you could set off a chain reaction of events that you won’t be able to control. Be careful.


Aug, 23 - Sep, 22

The economy could well take a small dip, Virgo, and you might hear from people expressing concerns about financial matters. Don't take them to heart, and certainly don't worry about your own financial condition. The trend will probably reverse itself soon, and this time in the right direction. Take no drastic action just yet. Wait and see what happens. You'll probably breathe a sigh of relief.


Sep, 23 - Oct, 22

Try not to be swayed by someone’s appeal to your generous nature. Most likely it is a ruse to get from you for free what they are unwilling to work for themselves. You don’t owe anyone an easy life they have done nothing to earn.

Take care not to say anything hurtful when dealing with people who are not as thick-skinned as you. It may be nothing more than a joke or a throwaway line to you but to them it will seem like needless criticism. Build up, don’t knock down.


Oct, 23 - Nov, 21

There are so many gray areas in your life at the moment, making it hard for you to decide whether you want to be an angel or a devil, a hare or a hound. But what is stopping you from being both? Why should life always be so divided?

Someone will go out of their way to make a drama out of a situation that is nowhere close to being a crisis. You can play along if you like, for the fun of it, but your time and energy would be much better spent on more important things.


Nov, 22 - Dec, 21

Are you getting hit with obstacles, Sagittarius? Could it be that you simply need to allot yourself more time to complete the monumental tasks you take on? This might be difficult for you to tolerate. You don't know how to deal with times like these when you must continue doing the same thing over and over until you get results. There's a lesson here for you. Remember that patience is a virtue.


Dec, 22 - Jan, 19

Try not to get caught up in emotional issues that are of no real consequence, at least not to you personally. The moment you find yourself focusing on things that usually would not bother you in the slightest is the moment you need to take stock.


Jan, 20 - Feb, 18

You can and you must set your sights higher over the next few days. For too long you have been moving ahead but with one foot on the brake. Now you must give yourself permission to move at speed. There is everything to play for and everything to win.

You won’t get much in the way of peace and quiet over the next 24 hours but that’s okay. On the work front especially you will be challenged to show what you can do and your professionalism is sure to impress some very important people


Feb, 19 - Mar, 20

Don’t take minor disputes too seriously today. Some of the people you have to deal with are feeling a bit harassed and may try to take out their frustrations on you. That’s unfortunate but don’t risk making matters worse by overreacting.

There is a huge drama taking place in your environment at the moment and you seem to be doing a pretty good job avoiding getting personally involved. Keep your wits about you today and you can be one of the few to profit from the situation.